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Powerful Prospecting & Follow Up Tool

Powerful Prospecting Tool That Will Turn

You Into Sales Machine

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Most Sales People start out "motivated" but they give up & never make sales because:

  • They "forget" to follow up on email/calls/appointments.

  • They don't have the right tools, They are using excel sheets & paper to do business...

  • They don't have accountability, so they slack... & eventually give up

  • They are living in 2020, but don't make use of AI tools that can HELP them succeed ...

  • That's Going to END Today... For Good

    This software will not only give you all the tools to rock at sales but also make sure you are accountable & force you to actually work..

    Presenting "LeadWolf"

    LeadWolf is your ALL in 1 Prospecting and Follow Up Tool That Lets You Run marketing campaigns that are bound to succeed.

    Make & Receive Phone Calls

    You will be able to make outbound calls and also receive phone calls directly on the dashboard.

    A lot of salespeople get distracted when they have their phone with them, with built-in dialer, they can make phone calls and receive calls directly on their LeadWolf Dashboard without any hassle.

    Phone Calls Powered By Twili

    We will show you how you can get local phone number from your country or toll free from Twilio for just $1 per number & their voice fees is 0.00085 per minute ( $4.5 for 500 minutes) & you do not pay if you don't use it.  Twilio provides service in ALL countries in the world.

    Using Twilio is Optional.  A lot of people might choose to their cell as well

    Keep In Track & Follow Up

    Call manager will make sure that you & your team are on top of your game on touching base with prospects.

    You will know EXACTLY how you and your team is doing on the campaign & what you need to do in order to close more sales while staying efficient.

    Book Appointments

    Instantly book appointments for you or on behalf of your sales team with a click of a button.

    Once an appointment is booked, all parties involved will receive emails and reminders leading up to the day/time.  This is going to make sure that you close more of those deals.

    Follow Up Calls/Reminder

    We all know the saying " Follow Up is the Name of the Game" but most of us forget to follow up and we lose the sale that we worked so hard on.

    Follow up call feature will allow you to setup follow up call reminders and they will popup on your dashboard to remind you to make the call and keep bugging you till you make the call or cancel the follow up. We got your back!

    Canned Email Templates

    When you are on the phone with your client and they ask you to send more information, you can now instantly send that over with 1 click.

    Email templates can be shared among other team members to help each other stay on top of their game.

    Invite Your Team

    Each of your team member will be able to login to their own private dashboard to see if you have assigned them a campaign or follow up.

    It's SUPER easy to make sure that all the team members are aware of where you are within the campaign at any given point & can communicate with each other within the system.

    Powerful Analytics That DRIVE MORE Sales

      How Can You Make Money Using This Platform?

    • Use it for your own business & unlock the hidden potential to close more deals. 

    • Sell this platform to other marketers and agencies & CASH In. We include UNLIMITED Users Reseller Licence with marketing materials.

    All Features & Tools Included

    • Manage Unlimited Campaigns At Onc

    • Make & Receive Phone Calls From The Dashboard

    • Follow Up / Book Appointments/ Canned Emails

    • Add Unlimited Staff & Team Members 

    • Built In Auto Dialer and Prospector AI Tool

    • Works in ALL Countries Around The Planet Earth

    Your Purchase Helps Kids Fight Hunger

    90% Of Profits from this product will be donated to a few charities. You are welcome to request a copy of the donation receipt after October 30th. The charities will be focused on children's education & hunger.When you make a purchase, you are helping people who are need your help.  Thank you.

    TRY It Without Any Obligations For 32 Days

    Your investment is being GUARANTEED By No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee.  You have 32 days to either love what you purchased or get a FULL refund.

    PRICE Doubles When TIMER Runs Out









    Early Bird Pricing That Rocks!

    Unlimited Reseller

    NO Bullshit OTOs

    We are ONLY offering CREDIT/DEBIT card Payments for this product because of the low price & On top, PayPal Holds our payments for 30 days stopping cashflow.  All Payments are processed by STRIPE & Authorize.net. We do not receive Card information at all.

    Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

    Do i need to download anything?

    There is nothing to download.  This is a cloud based software that works on all computers, tablets and phones with any operating system

    Where will I get the phone #?

    You will get it from Twilio. Which charges $1 per phone number & 0.0085 per minute. Which is about $4.5 for 500 minutes. You DO NOT PAY ANYTHING if you don't use it.

    Will this work outside of the United States?

    Yes. It works in EVERY country in the planet or your money back. Guaranteed. 

    Is there any upsells after I make the purchase?

    No. There are no Upsells. Once you make the purchase, You will receive access information instantly via email.

    What if i don't like it after buying it?

    No problem.  Use it risk-free for 32 days and if you are not happy or it doesn't add value, we will refund 100% of your investment back.

    Is there marketing materials included?

    Yes. Marketing materials and sales copy. Including tutorials are included.  We are always here to help if you need it.

    You have 32 Days To Try This Without Any RISK.  Use it as much as you like & If you feel this is not right for you or doesn't add value.  

    Simply request a refund.