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 This App Turns Leads Into Buyers With Laser Accuracy  

Unleash Storm of Buyers for your Business or Agency with the most Powerful Cold-Email Platform


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PursueApp Makes It Easy To Run Successful Cold Email Campaigns For Any Business

$19/monthly payment

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Feature Include:

  • Agency Rights (5 Accounts)

  • Commercial Rights

  • 100 mails daily

  • Support for 500 leads

  • Single User

  • 100 Emails Verification

  • 1 Mailout account

  • Up to 5 campaigns

  • $67/yearly payment

    Elite Yearly Payment

    Feature Include:

    • Agency Rights (5 Accounts)

    • Unlimited Commercial Rights

    • 3000 mails daily

    • Support for 5000 leads

    • 2 Users

    • 1000 Emails Verification

    • 5 Mailout account

    • Up to 15 campaigns

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    Turn Ice Cold Leads into Warm Customers

    A well executed and targeted cold-email campaign will turn leads who know nothing about you and your business into your best admirers.

    Cold-Email is still one of the best strategy that companies can employ to bring their offers to their target customers. This is a marketing system that is use by top industry brands, service providers and marketers.

    It works because it's targeted, personal and low cost. Once you've got a lead. a sustain and well design email marketing campaign is the best way to connect

    Your leads deserve a cold-email campaign, not an auto-responder

    Are you making a fatal mistake of putting your leads into a regular autoresponder and firing off a blind sequence?

    Don't be surprise if your email goes unread and your response rate is dismal. You are not nurturing a relationship, you are just overwhelming your lead.

    If you want real results, what you need is a well designed cold email campaign which detects exactly how your customer is reacting to your email and then tailors the strategy base on what they like and dislike

    Introduce your product or service to prospects

    Set up grounds for personal contact or later outreach

    Get your lead to call your business or visit your website

    Book appointments or meetings with clients

    Generate curiosity that can translate into sales

    Start off conversations with target customers

    Get your foot in the door before your competitor

    Turn perfect strangers into loyal customers

    Create organic demand for your service


    Cold Email Marketing Automation Platform

    Profitable Cold Email Campaigns

    Create highly personalized cold email campaigns that turn leads into buyers.

    Complete Automation

    Set up your campaign and forget it. PursueApp keeps running and driving sales.

    Smart Analytics & Reporting

    Powerful analytics system helps you improve your campaign’s effectiveness continuously.